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Living II Share my brother Tuau's Memory

Living II Share my brother Tuau's Memory
Kalee's with her Daddy Tuau aka Stu


Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Finally Engaged

This might sound like some fiction story you'd find in a Book. Or discover at some run down
book store or library. But it's not this experience is actually a true story.  Finally the day has arrived where I can say I'm ENGAGED!

It began this past Friday night as I was preparing to meet up with a few of my girl cousins on my father's side. We try to get together at least on a monthly basis.  Celebrating  special
occassions,holidays or just time away from our When I found out that we'd be going bowling the night before our get together. I can honestly say I wasn't to thrilled. Not because it was bowling. Because I absolutely love sports. However dealing with day to day stuff on a personal level. I really wasn't feeling up to getting together with my sisters. I know such a hater.

So Friday evening rolls around, babysitting duties were completed and we were on our way.
My younger sister Uila and cousin Kassie Feinga rode together. As they teased about "Married Talk" something I was too shut my ears off to suggested by sister  It was
nice to just sit back and listen. Despite the fact that I couldn't add my 2 cents on a matter I have no experience in. And in  the moment it was totally fine with me because I was still learning.  Well we arrived on time only to be greeted by our cousins Tina & Kinga Mapu.
And as time passed slowly everyone began to show up.

As I got to talking to a few of our sisters I couldn't help but to think. "Alrightie Ova be a good
sport, don't lose interest in chilling w/the girls and focus on how good it is to be family." And it's not because it's a pain to spending time with these women I'm blessed to have in my life.
But for some odd reason I just couldn't get over feeling so anti-social.

Anyway the evening consisted of Me,Uila,cousins Tina & Kinga Mapu, cousins Frankie & Leta Fau'olo, our cousin-in-law Tini Mapu, cousins Ane & Tile Mapu, Kamie Afo Aiono, Kassie Afo Feinga, Kuiipo Afo Vea. We laughed, danced, took pictures, caught up on each others lives and enjoyed one anothers company. And that reason alone proved to me that's why I needed to attend. Merely to appreciate that I have a wonderful extended family and to realize moments like that don't happen everyday. So like a sponge I was soaking it in and figured that's all I was to learn that night. Never expecting what was to follow would open my eyes up even wider to what life can really be about. Especially when your not looking with your "Spiritual Eyes"..

Immediately after our game of bowling we headed over to IHOP for some grub. I began to feel weary so I had to regroup. Determined to keep soldering on w/my sisterly bonding. In other words I was giving myself an attitude check. Which totally worked out until we were seated.
Directly across from us two gentlemen caught my attention. Especially because they'd look at our table, whisper, then look away, look back and whisper again.. So I found that very annonying and creepy. Since we were trying to plan out our next Girls Night, sharing recent updates and more funny stories. And to have two strangers continue to interrupt us in the middle of all that was causing me to truly lose my patience.

Then out of no where one of the gentlemen had the nerve to ask our youngest sister Frankie
the following. "Hey that flower in your ear, which side means your taken?" OMG at this point my blood is pumping, more annonyed, and feeling like a bomb. Which would've exploded if I didn't take a breathe and held my peace. So  yes I went into "Big Sister I'm gonna throw my plate at you if you don't stop talking to us mode." I know so violent sorry but that's how I was feeling cause he wouldn't quite. Anyway

Frankie the innoncent young woman that she is was blinded by any of our efforts of warning. She continues to answer not understanding what he was doing. Then replies with "Oh when its on the left ear means your taken as she at this point has the flower in her right." Everyone begins to laugh and blushing she repositions the flower to her left ear as to say. "OOps I'm taken."lol Our meals arrive we continue on with our conversations. And this dude still doesn't give up with interrupting our time together. Offers more comments and questions..

Then Kass has to leave because her husband arrives we say our goodbyes.. Not to long after Tini prepares to leave. When one of the cousins jokingly blurts out "Bye Auntie!" we laugh.. Then we hear the same annonying voice from the gentlemans table say "Ya bye Auntie." Before any of us could react. Tini the little firecracker that she is blurts out "WHAT?" "WHAT DID YOU CALL ME?" and I guess by his facial expression and not wanting to start nothing Tini brushes it off with a laugh heading to pay her half of the bill.

Five minutes later I notice the gentleman that wouldn't shut up gets up from his table to leave. I being the paranoid one was like "Awww this fool better stop."lol Tini runs up to our table and is speaking so fas that I barely understand what she's trying to express. Because my thoughts were already on fastforward remembering the guy just left his table. So my thoughts were "He's gonna get it."And once I calmed myself and ("ENGAGED" LOL) myself in what Tini was expressing this is what she had to say.. "HEY YOU GUYS that guy who was sitting here, Tyler Winegar he just paid our whole bill and tip the waitress and all he wants is a hug from all of us."

OMG RIGHT??? this guy a total stranger, we've never met in our lives, who we were ignoring, who I was wanting to hurt from jump just paid our bill. Very odd right? But this is what end up happening. Yes of course we were nicer, we had him come to our table to chat for a few minutes. Only to have his friend give Ane aka Bella her dreamcatcher another story for another day lol@bella.. But I will never forget these two men esp Tyler.. And yes maybe to some its not a big deal and they may even say score good for you guys..Free Meal!

But I was taught and reminded that I need to truly look at people with my "Spiritual Eyes" from the inside out focused on their hearts. And how dangerous it is to jump to such quick assumptions of other peoples motivates.  When I should do the opposite and show appreciation for kind acts their tryna render.
Tyler said he was trying to get our attention somehow being that he's from Maui. His motivates were to show us how he appreciates our culture and that he missed being in Hawaii. And seeing us made him miss home. Tyler's example truly put me in check and I was grateful that he was really kind. Giving me a greater desire to pay it forward by showing someone or a group of someones how much they mean to us. Whether I know them or not. By giving of time, common courtesy and just being there for people. That's what truly matters. I will forever brag about this "Girls Night" until something even greater comes along. Not only for the time I got to be with my sisters. But for people like Tyler and his friend that teach me "Because I have been given much I too must give." Finally "Engaged" in seeing people as they are and not what I mistakenly assume they are!

P.S. my badd about having a different meaning
of what type of engaged you might've assumed I was
referring too love ones and frenz..
hahahaha 2010 aiming for it.baah or I mean preparing..

Saturday, January 9, 2010

What Matters Most

I've had to ask myself this alot since the New Year. Everyday I'm peeling away at the old me and reinventing who I need to be. I've had a couple of relapses- bad ones if I do say so myself. But with the self-discipline I've kept since I moved to Utah til now. I've been able to come off on top. Through good friends like Tesha Mewborn and others. I'm able to regroup and remember not to beat myself up for past failings & to keep moving forward.

About two weeks ago I had lost my faith and no one could really understand me. No matter how I tried to explain my feelings through words those who witnessed my panic attack still couldn't imagine what I was saying. I was given the opportunity to have our choir Divine Heritage  sing for my niece Kalena Afo Vea's baptism. She had just turned eight & the baptism was to take place at 9am Saturday morning. And I've always been the type of person that would pride myself about how much "Faith I instilled in Heavenly Father growing up." However this particular day was differenent for me.

I had stressed the week believing that no one from choir would show.

1-It was really early in the morning
2-Holidayz had just ended & who would want 
to come out so far & so early for my family.
3. It might snow & I truly believe not enough people loved me in the choir to sacrifice 
sleep, gas and time for my niece.. 
4. And I feared that  because of that my family would hate on a group of people
that I spend so much of my time with & would say something to set me off. Which would only cause my pride to burn & my anger to

So a week of these thoughts drove me crazy and almost drove me to sickness up until we had to sing our second song.I was what you would call a "Faithless Bird" rather then a "Flightless Bird" because in my case I dared to doubt even with well equipped wings there's no way I could fly. If this moment was to require me to be a bird. If that makes any sense.  So as each minute passed that morning  & slowly Choir Members trickled into the building. I was still faithless that we'd get one of our  pianists to come. Let alone more choir members to magically appear. So I braced myself & just said ok well if it comes down to it. I'm for sure gonna do as many solos as needed to fullfill my promise to my sister Kui'ipo . And no matter what I was prepared to MAN UP if you would and make a fool out of myself. Because at that point I was completely faithless and annonying the heck out of who out of the choir members that were already there.  With my lack of
direction, patience and humility.

And then it happened my "Spiritual Slap" over my face when below  my saving  angels showed up-

The Molifua's & I @ Kalena's Eating


Me & Kawe
(Our Pianist for Kalena's Baptism hidding from the cameras had to find an old pic to spotlight him)lol

The Rest of my Die Hard DH'ers
Leen, Tiff, Amm, Tesh, Jun & April 

This experience left me aware of how much I need to never doubt Heavenly Father's power. Testifying that when I doubt I'm really saying I don't trust Heavenly Father to come through for me. 
And as my sis April put it that morning very bluntly.. "Dude Ova you have faith that we can make it to the chapel with an empty tank out in "Nevada" meaning the chapel where Kalena was to be baptized lol.!  "Talking we can make it! I know even on empty we can MAKE IT!" 
"But you don't have faith that people would actually come through to sing?"lol 
So talk about wake up call on having more faith and I getting a  taste of what it must be for people  who struggle with  faith to try to believe in the teachings of the Gospel. Or people who fell away from this Gospel to make their way back to our Lord's Flock. For the first time I truly had the knowledge given to me of how it feels to say I had absolutely "NO FAITH". 
And to those people I'd have to say "Where doubt exist faith can't not be." So to overcome doubt the only answer is faith and as a old saying goes.. Let Go and truly Let God in and miracles will occur beyond what you could've ever expected. Like how Kalena's Baptism taught  me that entering into the waters of baptism begins with FAITH. And everything concerning the Gospel of Jesus Christ exist because people truly need to exercise FAITH & TRUST in Christ. Which begins with the desire to look forward with faith & surrounding ourselves with people who will increase our faith.
As Kalena has demostrated in dedicating her life to Heavenly Father which matters more then anything in the world. 

The fruits from our labor Kalena w/her family after being 
baptized the newest member of the Church of Jesus Christ of 
Latter-Day Saints

Sunday, January 3, 2010

That's What Friends R For!

It's only been three days into the New Year and I've felt an amazing change of many different things. I've been more aware of forgetting myself due to other peoples example. I'm not as sadden to the fact that dating hasn't been in my favor for awhile now. Despite the clowning remarks from my mama and  But something way more important than those things. 

I believe the biggest lesson learned recently for me. Has to be  my discovery of true friendship. What it means to truly be a friend, how to keep a friend, value friends and let go of those who would careless to be  MY friends. (A reality that I've grown to accept very soarly) For whatever reason they may have I've learned to let those people go. I am learning how to really figure out why knowing that I am a Child of God  ties into being a  better friend is something worth knowing. 

I have this sister/friend and as much as I would love to paste her face on my blog. I choose not to because she's not the type who cares for the spotlight or recongition. Even with the mention of her name it wouldn't sit well w/her. But I couldn't let this sister go unnoticed another day. Without at least expressing how much she's taught me during this holiday season and many things prior. Especially since I'm her biggest fan.

For namesake I have to at least make one up for her to keep me sane. So we'll call her "Bonita" and her co-star "Salote" lol.
So the day after Christmas I was hella knocked out from a week of painful tootheache. And I guess a couple of friends were trying to get a hold of me earlier that morning. To let me know what went down the night before.
  But it wasn't til 10 am that morning my sister Salote lol another identity I have to keep under
Well she calls and says "Hey did you hear?" and selfishly I was thinking "ahhh hear? "All I wanna "hear" are the sounds of me snoaring from this pain in my mouth."lol

Salote goes onto say "Hmmm Bonita's dad passed away but we'll find out more later today." Surely not a way anyone would like to awake too but we can't control life.

Throughout the day waiting for more info wasn't fun but calling didn't feel like an option. Even though Bonita is one of my bestest sisterfriends. So I waited and it wasn't til the next evening the day after her father pass that we got to speak for 2 minutes. 
My consern was to console her but her priority was to make sure that a comitment she made to my family & I was taken care of set in motion & ready to go. My soul was truly soften even more towards Bonita.
To be so blessed that my sisterfriend was still worried about me in her time of mourning.. And to top it all off to have her still show up to that comitment as tired as she had been from the day after Christmas up to yesterday. She still served my family and put me before her very own needs..

So today I had to express my sincerest love & appreciation to her for her strength, her ability to be strong in the mist of pain such as bidding farewell to her father and teaching me the meaning of really being a true friend. Which is to show up by word & deed when one says their going to do something no matter the circumstances. If you all don't have a "Bonita" in your life. I would suggest to pray for one or be that friend to someone. Because as rough as life has been, is and will be these type of Saints are ones that we can learn from all the time. So this is for my sister/friend with all my alofa's thank you for who you are, what you stand for and the remarkable testimony you bare w/every breathe that you take. If you didn't think it moves mountains I'm telling you it's moved the many mountainous doubts & fears from my way of thinking. I will always be indebted to you  thank you... Alofa tele Esperanza Marisela from the Sea lol

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

HAPPY Pre-New Year's Eve tah New Yr's

A little over 24 hours from now we will be through with 2009 and into 2010 .I can't wait. Not so much because a lot will change. But  because the excitement of witnessing others change, Celebrating family newborns, weddings and just seeing love ones succeed in life. A few reasons I'm looking forward to the new year 2010. We've seen so much death in the last 2 years & can only hope for  greater news come this Leap Year. However if we'll have to face more death. At least we will have strength of our Lord, family & friends to see us through.. 
Happy New Year Everyone Luv U all!

Monday, December 28, 2009

Strength is forged in adversity!

I've been meaning to blog about our Vegas Trip with the Choir for sometime now. But couldn't seem to bring myself  until today to actually doing it. Especially since there were so many different challenges on this trip. That I didn't really feel like complaining and venting about all of the things that felt went wrong. I tend to dwell on the dark side moreso then seeing lessons that I'm suppose to learn for just that lessons.
However overall I'm grateful like I said in my last post that I would be leaving.
Embarking on a new adventure &  esp because of these ladies.

These four sisters were who we stayed with from 2am Saturday morning when we arrived on their doorstep. Til we left that Monday after noon. Riki (blue top) and Jo (glasses) were around the most. They filled the fridge for us, let us sleep all over the place til wee hrs of the morning, singing,laughing, joking around with them. And they truly made their home our home for the weekend. The best gift we could've gotten this wholetime exactly when we needed it.
So those four plus the following

was what made up for a full house. Learning about each other through a level outside from getting together for choir practice or social sites like  facebook.  Had to be one of the most refreshing blessings I received. I was truly given insight of what makes each of these women strong,faithful,enduring,extraordainary women of LOVE... And so anytime we departed to go either w/our boo's lol (anya & sarah) or chilling w/other choir members (lola,nai,jackie and emma) was like for me not them cause it'd require me to  But when we'd meet up again later as a household it was great which made our bond stronger. Reminding me of why we were there to serve others and not to wait to be served. Encouraging when needed and reassuring sisters that things are never as bad as they feel at the moment. And I was really grateful to have been with  them. They made this trip one worth looking back at and knowing I was suppose to be there w/them.  Even if I had to take anya hostage at one point, group therapy w/nai,sarah,emma,jackie and april on one occasion & then almost steal poor lola's room. When hello her stuff was all over the floor & still I didn't noticed "OCCUPIED".lol blame it on Riki hahaaha that plus much more is why I felt the spirit the strongest during this trip w/these sisters. When their strength  forged through when adversity tried to break my spirit. I can look back and say I LOVED OUR VEGAS TRIP. Vegas refining ME more then I wanted but surly glad that it did. Never gonna forget the Lord's will in all of what was experienced. Hopeful that the members both in the choir and outside grow a little close to our Savior and always remain on the Lords side..

Marisela & McMingle reaping the fruit of DHC's example on our newest Mormon Girl Dauna "Talofer" Bates... Congrats Sis!

Friday, December 18, 2009

I Gotta Get Away

I'm leaving for Viva Las Vegas today with our Divine Heritage Choir. We're heading up to "Sin City" to share our testimonies of Christ through music and the spoken word. I'm excited because a lot of our new members of the choir will be in attendance. I haven't been on a trip since earlier this year. Which was when we went back to my hometown Los Angeles California. Also where I had the opportunity to serve an Lds Mission.. 

So now we have the opportunity to serve the people of North Las Vegas is just another amazing reminder of how it was when I was in L.A. I can't imagine not having this choir in my life & am so grateful for each member. So more to be said on our return!! Happy Holidayz!

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Kaui Woweee!

Kaui Leinalani Siuolavahi Siatulagi Sika
In the Presence of the Lord
March 12, 1980-Dec 4,2009   

Above you see an image of a very happy, kind eyed, relaxed person. A stranger to most of you 
reading. But if you were to have met this sister in person. Words wouldn't begin to describe what an impact she would've made on your way of thinking & living. This mystery person is my friend & sister Kaui Sika from Laie Hawaii who just passed away on  December 4, 2009 here in Utah. It was an unexpected way her passing.  But it was her time & without getting all emotional about how she influenced me. I just wanted to leave this blog as a reminder of what a wonderful person she was & how by her example I'm learning new things everyday. Of how she gave, how she treated people and most importantly serving 24-7 those who were in need. Since her farewell on Dec 7th 2009 I appreciate more, I live more  as if its the last time I will ever see anyone I hold dear to me and I live to let go of the worse part of me in order bring the best parts of another out of themselves. I am truly becoming more and more of who I need to be since our sister Kaui Wowee (as her aiga would call her) has left us.. Eternally grateful sis we miss & love you rest in peace!
Alofa tele  Mary Prom Hair Fijian Style.

Thursday, May 7, 2009

How Good Is God??

He is very good & only getting better as I continue to strive to be better. I talk about God a lot, I find things that inspire me to live by his will & I do my best to follow him. Yesterday was even more evident of why I should always choose him. I've been on this kick of really making an effort to love my mom. Not only because it's almost Mother's Day. But for years now I've been a big cause of her stress. Because of course when your just like someone you tend to bump heads. And being the not so humble one when it comes to my mom this has gone on for years like I mentioned. But moving on since I've made it a goal to appreciate her more, to aim to becoming better & leaving behind the stress that I'm still "Living Single." lol I've come to learn that life is what you make it & if you make it depressing & dreay. Then that's what it'll be but if you do your best to improve w/God's love & power. Anyone can overcome, complete and become everything they've ever hoped. It only takes

1.Faith in God
2.True Dedication to weed out the Negative & plant the Positive in everything one does.
3.Regroup,Restart if one finds them Relapsing into old habits then try try again til mastering that weakness becomes a strength

I'm seeing things as they really are nowadays & not falling into seeing things for what they aren't like I use to do. A saying that some of my friends has on their facebook goes like this "Create Opportunites, Creative Minds @ Work,Create your own Destiny." Such motivating quotes that inspire & so I'm learning quicker nowadays because rather then rushing everything in my life to happen. I listen better, wait on the Lord & continue to serve. Not without taking care of myself w/really
being where I am, embracing it & work,work,work.... This is a diary entry of a not so Angry Samoan Woman ready to be more...

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Out of Comission

March 13-16th I was able to take a trip to Los Angeles California for our Divine Heritage Choir. We were there to do missionary work right in the area that I served when I was a full-time missionary. I was so excited, somewhat emotional because it wouldn't be a quick trip and the memories of being a full-time servant of the Lord came rushing over me. So we get there Friday morning & settle into my sister/friend Tatiana Skipps homie. Then a couple of choir members Anivah,Tanga & Kawehi decide to jump into the pool. Like a fool that loves swimming I to jump in fully clothe in jeans & a t-shirt.

So I stayed in the pool the longest & the wheather wasn't even all that hot. Lost my voice, coughed the whole weekend even after receiving a blessing & crying my eyes that I had to lip sync the entire fireside.

Since then life has been a very steep climb upward bound. Trials of regaining my voice, turned to throwing up like crazy for two weeks striaght come to finding out I was suffering from pneumonia. I was exhausted & today am only slowly getting back on my feet. During this time Choir has been put on hold, being active in helping out in the H.Y.P.E Movement, Face Movement has taken a place on the back burner. *To Be Continued*&

(Back in Comission)

So as I was saying everything that I begun the year off w/was put off due to me catching pneumonia.. And today I'm feeling alive, a little more alive then before & regaining my motivation to making more of myself. I've had a lot of support through friends to keep moving forward with faith. Last weekend I entered a run/walk marathon for cancer. Something I've always talked about but never took the opportunity to do. And with the encouragment of my cousin Taualai Fonoti I was able to enter. He ran of course & I walked but it was a glorious milestone & now I'll be preparing for another 10k marathon.. I can't wait! Our Choir is picking up more firesides & trips. So far we have a trip to St.George planned & later in the year Samoa. So as Divine Heritage Choir we're pushing to becoming better both individually & as a whole.. This Friday our H.Y.P.E Movement will be having Earth Day @ Liberty Park. So come out & learn more about our rapidly growing movement 11am-4pm email me for deails.. I'll be attending w/my family & partner KING TUI.. Youth fireside on Sunday in Provo & in the next couple of weeks family college/high school graduations. So it will be great stuff & more to blog about in the next little while.

How easy is it to share the Gospel of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints?

I've just walked in and it's 12:33am from an amazing maybe 3 hrs of witnessing about Jesus Christ. It started off as a fun loving night with my ward SLC 2nd Ward. We had a lesson on "Dating" & "Eternal Marriage" by Legrand Tapasoa..
Really stressing that "trying" to date is not enough compared to actually
making & putting forth effort to being a "doer" of the word not just a "listener".
Or as I like to say sometimes people who "ignore" or "look" past the opportunites to date. Aren't really taking advantage of the whole dating concept & to me wasting time.
So the lesson was informative and to the point that "actively dating"
leads to our ultimate goal of accomplishing eternal marriage.
And not being active is just being either
lazy & unproductive.
After our lesson some physical play time of basketball & dodgeball
to keep things balanced was how we ended out our FHE.

However it wasn't until we left our FHE to hitup Mickey Dee's for mi yummy choc. chip cookies & Dr. Pepper..oh yes! you know it's the perfect mix!lol It wasn't til one of the girls mentioned they wanted to stop over to Wendy's for a frosty. That we didn't know that next stop would turn into more then just a simple pickup of a couple of

Fast forward a little bit cause I can get a little lengthy w/ We're chilling and notice an officer tryna get into Wendy's main lobby. His attempts weren't working due to the late hour of the evening. So we approached this stranger. After a couple offers he finally allowed us to take him through drive thru. And now we've met & became friends with a gentleman by the name of Carlos Ortiz from Puerto Rico, serving in the army for his two kids to support them. Come to find out he's a Christian Baptise. We then took him to his hotel down the street. He asks us to join him for dinner being that he was alone. And this is when we were able to build our friendship.Getting to know more about him, his country & family. He shares his religious beliefs & his testimony. The exchange made mainly through our bilingual Spanish speaking sister Doraleen was heartfelt, inspiring & filled w/the spirit. Leaving this experience with Carlos with true respect for his testimony of Christ & what he shared with us. Was such an amazing teaching experience on both ends. As we were all able to teach one another even w/the language barrier in one way or another.

Leading up to express firmly what we know in what is true. The importance of the Book of Mormon & why it's also needed along with the Bible. To sustain the teachings of the Bible as a companion another testament of Christ & his teachings. Grateful that Carlos would be so open-minded to receive. We were truly edified all around that hotel lobby. Without care of who came in or around & just testifying in the best possible way for our friend Carlos. That we'd all have a better understanding of each others views & beliefs of Christ. And something I learned so powerfully & to go back to my question. How easy is it to share the Gospel of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints?
I've found even more true for myself is that it's not easy at all to share the Gospel. Living what we learn from Modern Prophets, Old Prophets, Scriptures etc isn't easy. None of it is easy but when we truly allow God to work within us. Whether it's through a nonmember or inactive family member, friend or stranger that those are the moments we have to take. We must step up & take the call to serve. Because none of us have all the answers or will have the perfect words to form in sharing the Gospel. However at that given moment when faith replaces fear. Making sure our fear won't cripple us from sharing our testimonies. Only then are we lifted up & our thoughts,words & testimonies are the Father's & our tongues are loose to share Christ's teachings. And when we remember we may be the only means to someones pray or influence to changing lives. Miracles happen & the influence on one person opens up understanding to many things. Maybe once never fully understood until you took a stand to OPEN YOUR MOUTH & remember that your assisting the Lord in his work. Not vice versa in presenting his principals & teachings to feeding his sheep. Which he allowed us in this experience with Carlos.

I am so grateful for Carlos Ortiz & if he never accepts our challenges & invitations to learn more about what we live by as Latterday Saints. Why we believe what we believe. It will never be an experience that I will ever regret having been part of for as long as I live. Because his willingness just to spend time listening to our testimonies through word & song wasn't something he had to do. And could've turned us away long before we hit 2 hrs of sharing. But he never did & I will always have that memory as a footprint over my heart. Of why missionary work is so important at all times. Why I've kept fighting to keep my testimony of this restored Gospel, why at the bitter of moments before my mission,during my mission & day to day as I live this experience will remind me why I don't give up & let go so easily of my testimony of the Restored Gospel. Such an amazing reminder through a perfect stranger now friend Carlos Ortiz from Puerto Rico.

He topped off the night with offering the most humble prayer. That I've yet to hear since my mission.It just goes to show again like sister Lexie said "God works in mysterious ways." If you haven't had a missionary experience in awhile I'd have to challenge you to pray for them. If your an RM active or not pray for opportunites to serve. Because you never know like I've said before. You being just who you are could be the answer to someones prayer. To finding interest in the Gospel & eventually deciding to join our Church through your example & testimony. You just never know! Just like we didn't know prior to meeting Carlos Ortiz that are simple stop for frosty's..Would turn into the Lord giving us this gift & opportunity to serve his son. Please pray for Carlos not only about gaining a testimony of this Restored Gospel but also for his safety as he is defending our country through the US Army.

I know this Church is True, I know God lives & loves us and though at times through life's daily trials we may feel forsaken by him out of our own misunderstandings & maybe pride. I know Heavenly Father hasn't left us to fend for ourselves & he just wants us to follow him. I love our Prophets especially learning from President Monson & Joseph Smith Jr these are men of God. The Church is true I know it & I hope one day everyone for themselves will come to this knowledge. In the name of Jesus Christ Amen

Monday, March 9, 2009

My Brother

In loving memory of our dearest brother Ituaumalosi Nick "Stu" Afo a few thoughts most likely turned into a poem.
My Brother
He never was the loud type
Never tried to stick out of a crowd type
The shy type
Mysterious, calm type
Not the type to prowl type.
He gave me what I wanted
Most of the time what I needed
Never sugarcoating anything
Especially when it came to dating.
He was proud of his heritage
Samoan speaking, dancing & cooking
He'd be the perfect gentlemen when needs be
But fight you to the death
If your stare was a little crooked
From where ever he stood & could see.
A man of humility,strength & loyalty
Hillariously funny but to know that
you'd have to be considered V.I.P
He made his family his best friends
And his best friends his family
And no matter the distance in between
He'd make that occassional check up call
From the Desert of Las Vegas
To our Utah Snowy Valley
That was his nature
Always thinking of others
Never ending with his love
This man I call my brother.
He is my brother
Though gone & physically absent
He is my brother
His action doesn't define his spirit at all
He is my brother
For now his memory will I bear
He is my brother
Ituaumalosi's life will I forever share
And though we still wish you here
We'll never forget you Tuau
No matter what hour, day or year!
Through our hearts we'll keep you
Til we meet again
And rejoice in that moment with joyful tears
Where happiness will be restored
And this tortured pain will finally end!
You are OUR Brother
& most missed best friend
Rest in peace Our Dear Brother
Rest in peace in the Lord
Can't wait to see you again!

Dedicated to Tuau & the rest our family....

Tuesday, March 3, 2009


I'm coming to a greater knowledge of myself and what I want. Life has been bittersweet to say the least in the last little while. But one things for sure I'm learning to accept things that are out of my control. I've learned that being a control freak isn't healthy and counter-productive at times. If not at all times. Vocalizing things I feel hasn't been my forte. Unless provoked by anger which isn't healthy either. Yet in this journey I call life I'm improving at expressing myself. I am deeply indebted to God for all of these recent opportunities, experiences and even more rapid growth in friendships. Both new & old!
I am truly blessed. And so I'm grateful that even though I still struggle w/personal family relationships and aren't as humble as I should be. I am grateful for the opportunity to improve a little more as each day goes by. Even if it's repeating the getting better of the same thing everyday. I'm finding that's better then back tracking til I've mastered that particular weakness. In a way it's my giving back of my old self and determined to retaining my new and better improved new self.

With each passing day I feel more and more alive and now the goal is to pass it on. Especially within my own family.. I love my life..

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Childhood Memories

The Webster Dictionary defines friendship as the state of being friends; friendly relation, or attachment, to a person, or between persons; affection arising from mutual esteem and good will; friendliness; amity; good will. But to me friendship means lifting one from sadness, encouraging someone to believe in themselves, loving someone out of their pain and darkest hour. If anyone knows me well enough they will always know I prize friendship. I'm not always the greatest friend and can be really rough on the edges when it comes to my friends. But none the less I love my friends as if their my family. My 2nd family!As a teenager I'd associate myself with a group of girls and guys that I've always loved. We started out as a group of elementary, junior high to high school kids. Just having fun running into each other here and there. Taking rides on the UTA sharing bus passes, sittin in the hallways of Granite Jr High clowning or attending Granite High V-Ball games just supporting.

~Were Really Sweet Promise~lol~Suga House~

Bringing forth different cultures Samoan,Tongan, Spanish, Palangi. You name it we had it when it came to race and by personality the range was crazy. No lie! lol We'd walk around the streets of Sugar House just being teenagers. Going to dances, movies, standing out at any given time clowning either at a Park ,movie theather or someones house. Eventually recongized among other sets of friends as the Suga House Kweens. Determined to stress we weren't a gang but a croo. We were honestly just tryna find our own identities and show all people love and respect. Unless they tried to come at us wrong.Angie, Veronica, Sia , Baby, Rena, Laura, Fabi, Lulu, Tea myself and others that would occassionaly kick it. Was then and still now what makes up "Suga House" (I was a mean older sister lol NO U CAN'T COME UILA N VERONICA) But on a occassion my baby sis Uila, Pearla fabi's sis and many others enriched our sisterly bond when we'd kick it. And the previous set of women that I mentioned from Angie-myself this week as proven that friendship should never be taken for granted. Life's too short!
We came together and still are coming together this week. In behalf of the recent death of our sister Sia and Tea's mom Sister Finau. Sister Finau passed away Feb 13,2009 on Friday in Tonga while serving a faithful Lds Mission. A very viberant woman, filled with endless faith, charm to melt anyones heart, service orinented mind, sense of humor to brighten up any room and a heart filled with love we couldn't imagine therein we'll never know the capacity. Because she was always giving always loving just as a true disciple of Christ would be of course. We Love and miss her our "Suga House Missionary Mama"..It was a bittersweet time sitting listening to our sisters Sia and Tea's testimonies, singing for hours and just raw feelings that flowed out from this experience. And as I prepared to go over to support. All I kept thinking of was I can't think of me. I can't be selfish and not want to go when my best friends need me. Only because I didn't want to reopen the pain felt when Tuau SR and Tuau Jr passed last year.And I didn't realize how closed off my heart was due to that experience til I sat down with my sisters. Where I witness for myself I had to forget myself and mourn w/my Finau Family. It's not about us..
Reminiscing about our youth, my runaway moments lol and times the girls would harmonize at different events.Cause if you didn't know now you do. My sisters can SANGA not Sing but SANGA. And to hear them old songs again and remember how we were brought comfort and right then I was filled with the love of God.
That when we don't question him, when we humble ourselves to his will and we truly trust him. Only then will the healing come sooner then later and only then will we be able to live again. Even if it means living physically without our love ones. It's not meant for us to be here on earth forever becuz there is more to come after this life. So again the night was filled w/sisterhood, music and testimony. I am so grateful that no matter where life has taken each of us. I can always come home to my girls. Remembering aside from my own biological brothers and sister. This special group known as "Suga House" still holds a special place in my heart. Where each of my sisters though broken spiritually (cause we all are sinners at different degrees)their still MY spiritual giants. And have contributed to me being this missionary minded that one day they will know of the Gospel and the peace it offers for themselves.
And so I will always be indebted to them, Rocky,Roy and Uila for being my strength. I've been able to maintain my spirituality and have been able to remain strong for this long from falling away from because of them. I know God is our Heavenly Father, Jesus Christ is our Redeemer ready to heal us and the Holy Spirit once obeyed will lead us out of our life failings into God's loving mercy. And that's what I want each of you see and grow in testimony.I love my sisters so much and only ask that all will pray for them. During this difficult time and know that will sustain the Finau Family more then anything worldly you could give them. Money (NO!), Tapa (NO!), Food (NO!) my sisters need your prayers the only way they'll even begin to build their faith in Christ so that they will be reassured that their mother will be waiting anxiously for each of them when they are called to go back home. LET THAT BE YOUR GREATEST GIFT TO THEM I love all of you and my Finau Family my Suga House Croo in the name of Jesus Christ Amen!

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Living and Learning

Last week I was enlighten on so many levels on all sorts of issues. I've come to really take account that I can't control other people. NO matter how pure my intentions may be or what I feel is right. I learned that everyone has to experience life for themselves. I learned that even if things are smooth sailing for a minute I must be prepared for life's storms. And in being prepared I have to keep on my toes and make sure my foundation is strong. So that I never fall and if I do I have the strength to bounce back up. So what's this blog all about? It's about living life with a desire and motivation to be about something. Learn it! Live It! Share It! Whether that be on an educational level, spiritual or anything else that involves living.

I've made so many friends in the last little while through our H.Y.P.E Movement and I've been so happy. I've got my bracelett if I haven't already mention, I'm gonna take my photo and I'm recruiting 24-8 not 7 but cause I know I'm living above the influence of fear,doubt and hesitation to succeed. All because of inspiring youth making a stamp in their communites. I am blessed and I am honored to live outside of myself and be more. Cause like the saying goes we can't change the world unless we change ourselves.. So that's what life has been about and I'm happy.

Another lesson learned has been "Letting Go" in 4 wks and 6 days will be our brother ITUAUMALOSI TEMA NICK AFO'S 1 year memorial. And though I'm not letting go of him I am resolving to letting go of the pain. The hardest thing to this day to do. Fighting to let go of because it's becoming more of a reality that this "Letting Go" in my mind should've occurred already. But I've been ignorant in my knowledge of taking the steps. So I've put all of that emotion in a gift to his daughter with the help of good family and friends that has helped me to heal. And this experience and the process in creating this gift has given me a glimpse of my love for people, love ones and the ability to really put forth myself in beliving in myself. So when I express my belief in others they really feel it. Cause truth recongizes truth and light is attracted to the light that lives within ones soul. So important that we create a bright light within to attract the right light that exist around us. And I want mines to attract the highest light that if I faulter that light will beam me up from whatever I'm going through in life. So living and learning moving and sharing that's what this year is about nowadays. I'M LIVING THE GOSPEL AND DRIVEN BY THE H.Y.P.E making things happen in 09 dedicating it all to Tuau!

Friday, January 9, 2009

Friday, January 2, 2009

Check it Out

HAPPY NEW YEAR January 2,2009 and already the Hype Movement is on fire! Check out Nanz vid on the latest update. "The Promise" inspirational youth doing extraordainary things.. Love it and know you will too! SPREAD THE MSG share THE VIDEO and I promise you'll build someone up from their circumstances. Esp struggling youth who need all the love we can provide. 2009 with Courage on OUR MINDS forget yourselves and SERVE SERVE SERVE..

Add it to your page and share with your friends and spread the HYPE MOVEMENT!!!

It's our time...Rise up Pacific People.... GET ON THE HYPE!!!

www. anapesi. blogspot. com
http://photos. planet-tonga. com
www. bebo. com/hypemovement
www. myspace. com/anapesi
www. bebo. com/anapesik

Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Not Easily Broken

I just recently blogged about "Whatever may come Love it!" and less then 24 hrs later more trials arise. 2008 has really tested and refined us as a family. Even up to 23 hrs before January 1,2009. Death has taken it's toll on us and yet though we fight to remain positive.
It seems as if that knock is at our doorstep once again. And though I know that death will happen to all of us and some sooner then others. After the year we've had it just seems to be even more difficult. To keep from feeling everyone we love will return home to Heavenly Father tomorrow. And that's just not what I was expecting to feel right now. Not on the eve of New Year's Eve. And though in my heart of hearts I know this is for my experience. That this road once travelled so recently. Now revisiting is to make us stronger as a family. Keeping optimistic and remembering "Whatever may come Love it!" honestly isn't really what I'm able to hold onto right now. Isn't what I'm feeling strong enough to live up to but at the same time. I refuse to be weak and become easily broken. HAAAAPPPPPY NEW YEAR...

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Whatever May Come Love it!

A title from one of our Church leaders out to motivate us to endure all but endure it well. In other words with an optimistic attitude. It's been easier for me in the past to only exercise that positive attitude with my friends. So quick to mend their pains, their sorrows and disappointments. However when it'd come to my own immediate family, siblings and their significant others I struggled. Not because I didn't love them but because I didn't know how to approach them w/out offending them or coming off overbearing.
But with the new year approaching so quickly I'm making changes, keeping my trust in the Lord and aiming with a more positive vision. I love my family very much and am grateful for each member. It's been rough year and it may not get any easier then this past one. But I have no doubt the future will be worth experiencing and that God's blessings will hold us up through any storm. Whatever make come I will strive to Love it! HAPPY EARLY NEW YEAR EVERYONE!

Monday, December 22, 2008

Growing Up

It's been an amazing weekend and I'm growning up! Problems seem to increase when I'm after something good. But I've learned that I need to just breathe and know all will work itself out. I was able to participate in a fireside last night through our choir Divine Heritage. It was cold, I was in a sugar high from all day candy rush and the day was long. And though I didn't take the opportunity to invite my family to this particular fireside. Oddly enough they were all that was on my mind. As we sang of Christ, Testified and learned and I found myself in gratitude that I could say I have a family. One that loves me, supports me and people I can turn too even when I'm at my worse. I have a family.. So during this Christmas season I would hope we could take a second and appreciate those around us. Totally speaking out loud as a reminder to myself to appreciate my own family.. Becuz though at times we feel we can't live with them in all reality we really couldn't live without them. I wish you all a MERRY CHRISTMAS AND HAPPY NEW YEAR!

Monday, December 15, 2008


Thanks for the comment Sister Ane! It's not easy fighting but the experience is worth it. Well still waiting on getting things rolling with my part in the Hype Movement. It's amazing finding out so many of my friends are already in it.. (WONDERING why I was never informed prior)lol But if anything it's cool. I've learned that everything falls into place in the Lord's time. And though I'm extra anxious about the future. I've had to realize this past weekend to pace myself and really breathe. That "Let me relax kind of breathing".lol You all ever have them kind of days? If not your Anywayz I'm floored that this year is coming to an end in less then a couple of weeks away. And I just want to express my deepest gratitude and love for all of you that are reading. Means alot that my jibberish is being read and that hopefully it makes an impact on your lives.. Til we meet again or til my next update which hopefully will be worth bloggin about take it easy. Alofa lava O

Thursday, December 11, 2008


I am truely lost for words at where I am in life and what I've been blessed to discover.. Especially because there's so much I want to share and even more that I'm feeling. And with all that is transpiring I know God is in it and I am blessed.
I'm Overland Aimiti Fa'amaligi Mapuolesega Olotoa Su'apaia Afo and I love writing or in this case blogging.
I decided I'd start this up due to my good friend Fernando Dick Stone Leuluai . A rising star within our Polynesian Community and soon to be known worldwide. As he pursues his passion in the Film Industry out to shed light to the world that Polynesians are good people. I brag about his influence and example all of the time and will continue to do so because I believe in him and his mission. And short story long or I was blessed to meet Nanz when my brother passed away earlier this year.He motivated me to continue on when all else was falling apart with losing Tuau.
And 9 months and a day ago today when Tuau returned to our Heavenly Father.
I vowed I'd start a center for youth. In order to help keep them from making unwise choices.
And even more to help them with unwise choices already made. Bringing hope to a generation who needs our guidance, our experiences and our stories.
Well that center was never created and I've been really hard on myself about it.
Until once again Nanz came through for me without even realizing.. Through his myspace page I was able to come across a new friend.
Danny Boi from the Bay Area another positive Polynesian Man on the rise. Desiring and working to help our people but especially our youth out. We started chatting about his dream of reaching out to youth in California and creating this AMAZING UPRISE. And the more we shared back and forth. The more pumped I became to getting things moving.
But I didn't know Danny and come to find out him living in Cali miles away created a slight problem. It would be difficult to plan things and go out to speak to the youth. When we live in two different places. So that wasn't
But remember I said God is in it and has blessed me. Well Danny kept me from getting discouraged again. And referred Anapesi from SLC,UTAH who I already knew from church. Whom established exactly what I was looking for and have needed for quite sometime now. Through a group Anapesi started by the name of HYPE MOVEMENT..
Helping Youth Pursue Emancipation to build build build youth up. This practically fell into my lap and just by Nanz living his dream. I am able to find two individuals in Danny Boi and Anapesi to create mine.. And I am even more indebted to Nanz for this gift. And as he's advise pay it forward is what I'm gonna do. Through the remainder of 2008 into 2009 I can't wait to see where I end up with the help of Anapesi and the rest of the gang.. Bloggin what HYPE MOVEMENT is all about. Overjoyed at making a big difference through lives that will expand my growth in service. It's all about Hype and our local Church Choir Divine Heritage moving forward for me. As they leave their mark or if you will their footprints in my life. I'll be sure to step forward with the Lord and never lose sight of Tuau's Memory in all of what's ahead in the coming months... I'M SO HAPPY and it's crazy it really is!! My dream is becoming my reality!

HYPE_MOVES_ME allow it to Move U! Alofa Lava O