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Living II Share my brother Tuau's Memory

Living II Share my brother Tuau's Memory
Kalee's with her Daddy Tuau aka Stu


Sunday, January 3, 2010

That's What Friends R For!

It's only been three days into the New Year and I've felt an amazing change of many different things. I've been more aware of forgetting myself due to other peoples example. I'm not as sadden to the fact that dating hasn't been in my favor for awhile now. Despite the clowning remarks from my mama and  But something way more important than those things. 

I believe the biggest lesson learned recently for me. Has to be  my discovery of true friendship. What it means to truly be a friend, how to keep a friend, value friends and let go of those who would careless to be  MY friends. (A reality that I've grown to accept very soarly) For whatever reason they may have I've learned to let those people go. I am learning how to really figure out why knowing that I am a Child of God  ties into being a  better friend is something worth knowing. 

I have this sister/friend and as much as I would love to paste her face on my blog. I choose not to because she's not the type who cares for the spotlight or recongition. Even with the mention of her name it wouldn't sit well w/her. But I couldn't let this sister go unnoticed another day. Without at least expressing how much she's taught me during this holiday season and many things prior. Especially since I'm her biggest fan.

For namesake I have to at least make one up for her to keep me sane. So we'll call her "Bonita" and her co-star "Salote" lol.
So the day after Christmas I was hella knocked out from a week of painful tootheache. And I guess a couple of friends were trying to get a hold of me earlier that morning. To let me know what went down the night before.
  But it wasn't til 10 am that morning my sister Salote lol another identity I have to keep under
Well she calls and says "Hey did you hear?" and selfishly I was thinking "ahhh hear? "All I wanna "hear" are the sounds of me snoaring from this pain in my mouth."lol

Salote goes onto say "Hmmm Bonita's dad passed away but we'll find out more later today." Surely not a way anyone would like to awake too but we can't control life.

Throughout the day waiting for more info wasn't fun but calling didn't feel like an option. Even though Bonita is one of my bestest sisterfriends. So I waited and it wasn't til the next evening the day after her father pass that we got to speak for 2 minutes. 
My consern was to console her but her priority was to make sure that a comitment she made to my family & I was taken care of set in motion & ready to go. My soul was truly soften even more towards Bonita.
To be so blessed that my sisterfriend was still worried about me in her time of mourning.. And to top it all off to have her still show up to that comitment as tired as she had been from the day after Christmas up to yesterday. She still served my family and put me before her very own needs..

So today I had to express my sincerest love & appreciation to her for her strength, her ability to be strong in the mist of pain such as bidding farewell to her father and teaching me the meaning of really being a true friend. Which is to show up by word & deed when one says their going to do something no matter the circumstances. If you all don't have a "Bonita" in your life. I would suggest to pray for one or be that friend to someone. Because as rough as life has been, is and will be these type of Saints are ones that we can learn from all the time. So this is for my sister/friend with all my alofa's thank you for who you are, what you stand for and the remarkable testimony you bare w/every breathe that you take. If you didn't think it moves mountains I'm telling you it's moved the many mountainous doubts & fears from my way of thinking. I will always be indebted to you  thank you... Alofa tele Esperanza Marisela from the Sea lol