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I love deeply, hard to let go of things whether positive or not,love food explains my size 7 lol, love my religious beliefs that of being a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, returning from serving a mission in Los Angeles California my hometown, love my family,friends and anticipating the day I get to meet my husband and kids hopefully soon.hahaha Til then all I'm focused on is serving all those around me. One way or another discovering the best of my alter ego Marisella Woman from the Sea.

Living II Share my brother Tuau's Memory

Living II Share my brother Tuau's Memory
Kalee's with her Daddy Tuau aka Stu


Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Kaui Woweee!

Kaui Leinalani Siuolavahi Siatulagi Sika
In the Presence of the Lord
March 12, 1980-Dec 4,2009   

Above you see an image of a very happy, kind eyed, relaxed person. A stranger to most of you 
reading. But if you were to have met this sister in person. Words wouldn't begin to describe what an impact she would've made on your way of thinking & living. This mystery person is my friend & sister Kaui Sika from Laie Hawaii who just passed away on  December 4, 2009 here in Utah. It was an unexpected way her passing.  But it was her time & without getting all emotional about how she influenced me. I just wanted to leave this blog as a reminder of what a wonderful person she was & how by her example I'm learning new things everyday. Of how she gave, how she treated people and most importantly serving 24-7 those who were in need. Since her farewell on Dec 7th 2009 I appreciate more, I live more  as if its the last time I will ever see anyone I hold dear to me and I live to let go of the worse part of me in order bring the best parts of another out of themselves. I am truly becoming more and more of who I need to be since our sister Kaui Wowee (as her aiga would call her) has left us.. Eternally grateful sis we miss & love you rest in peace!
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