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I love deeply, hard to let go of things whether positive or not,love food explains my size 7 lol, love my religious beliefs that of being a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, returning from serving a mission in Los Angeles California my hometown, love my family,friends and anticipating the day I get to meet my husband and kids hopefully soon.hahaha Til then all I'm focused on is serving all those around me. One way or another discovering the best of my alter ego Marisella Woman from the Sea.

Living II Share my brother Tuau's Memory

Living II Share my brother Tuau's Memory
Kalee's with her Daddy Tuau aka Stu


Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Living and Learning

Last week I was enlighten on so many levels on all sorts of issues. I've come to really take account that I can't control other people. NO matter how pure my intentions may be or what I feel is right. I learned that everyone has to experience life for themselves. I learned that even if things are smooth sailing for a minute I must be prepared for life's storms. And in being prepared I have to keep on my toes and make sure my foundation is strong. So that I never fall and if I do I have the strength to bounce back up. So what's this blog all about? It's about living life with a desire and motivation to be about something. Learn it! Live It! Share It! Whether that be on an educational level, spiritual or anything else that involves living.

I've made so many friends in the last little while through our H.Y.P.E Movement and I've been so happy. I've got my bracelett if I haven't already mention, I'm gonna take my photo and I'm recruiting 24-8 not 7 but cause I know I'm living above the influence of fear,doubt and hesitation to succeed. All because of inspiring youth making a stamp in their communites. I am blessed and I am honored to live outside of myself and be more. Cause like the saying goes we can't change the world unless we change ourselves.. So that's what life has been about and I'm happy.

Another lesson learned has been "Letting Go" in 4 wks and 6 days will be our brother ITUAUMALOSI TEMA NICK AFO'S 1 year memorial. And though I'm not letting go of him I am resolving to letting go of the pain. The hardest thing to this day to do. Fighting to let go of because it's becoming more of a reality that this "Letting Go" in my mind should've occurred already. But I've been ignorant in my knowledge of taking the steps. So I've put all of that emotion in a gift to his daughter with the help of good family and friends that has helped me to heal. And this experience and the process in creating this gift has given me a glimpse of my love for people, love ones and the ability to really put forth myself in beliving in myself. So when I express my belief in others they really feel it. Cause truth recongizes truth and light is attracted to the light that lives within ones soul. So important that we create a bright light within to attract the right light that exist around us. And I want mines to attract the highest light that if I faulter that light will beam me up from whatever I'm going through in life. So living and learning moving and sharing that's what this year is about nowadays. I'M LIVING THE GOSPEL AND DRIVEN BY THE H.Y.P.E making things happen in 09 dedicating it all to Tuau!

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