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Living II Share my brother Tuau's Memory

Living II Share my brother Tuau's Memory
Kalee's with her Daddy Tuau aka Stu


Monday, March 9, 2009

My Brother

In loving memory of our dearest brother Ituaumalosi Nick "Stu" Afo a few thoughts most likely turned into a poem.
My Brother
He never was the loud type
Never tried to stick out of a crowd type
The shy type
Mysterious, calm type
Not the type to prowl type.
He gave me what I wanted
Most of the time what I needed
Never sugarcoating anything
Especially when it came to dating.
He was proud of his heritage
Samoan speaking, dancing & cooking
He'd be the perfect gentlemen when needs be
But fight you to the death
If your stare was a little crooked
From where ever he stood & could see.
A man of humility,strength & loyalty
Hillariously funny but to know that
you'd have to be considered V.I.P
He made his family his best friends
And his best friends his family
And no matter the distance in between
He'd make that occassional check up call
From the Desert of Las Vegas
To our Utah Snowy Valley
That was his nature
Always thinking of others
Never ending with his love
This man I call my brother.
He is my brother
Though gone & physically absent
He is my brother
His action doesn't define his spirit at all
He is my brother
For now his memory will I bear
He is my brother
Ituaumalosi's life will I forever share
And though we still wish you here
We'll never forget you Tuau
No matter what hour, day or year!
Through our hearts we'll keep you
Til we meet again
And rejoice in that moment with joyful tears
Where happiness will be restored
And this tortured pain will finally end!
You are OUR Brother
& most missed best friend
Rest in peace Our Dear Brother
Rest in peace in the Lord
Can't wait to see you again!

Dedicated to Tuau & the rest our family....

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Anonymous said...

Beautiful! I love it! We love him and miss him and will always remember him! RIP Nick! LOVE YOU!